Spring is Fleeting Beauty

Wild bear´s garlic / Bärlauch is pure life force

Today is day # 27 post OP. I totally underestimated how much my heart surgery would change my life. An inherent lack of patience with my step-by-step regeneration and integration of my finely-tuned heart with all levels of my physical, emotional and spiritual self is often bewildering. Do I know myself at all? My heart is commanding me to slow down and I feel transparent like a butterfly that just slid out of its protective cocoon.

Too weak to take on the journey last week back home from Innsbruck, I am lucky to stay in Munich with some of the best friends in the world. Their love and patience allow me to accept myself the way I am. No cheating, no skipping steps … existential stuff for which I am deeply grateful.

cooking with Eva , spontaneous, fresh, delicious: fennel, orange, pomegranate, cilantro, red onion

Little things are big: my heart´s pleasure is my guide now #herzensfreude. I am starting in the kitchen. When I get tired, I sleep (often … ), when I feel the impulse to create, small is enough.

Our cooked breakfast variations are unique every morning and get my inner fire going again after the long operation with the heart-lung machine on March 1st. Bavarian forest berries, oats, nuts today.

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