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The Mystery and Soul of Wine

Tonight is one of those windy, unfriendly January nights in Northwestern Weinviertel and I am enjoying my solitude. The men are out of the house after these busy days of vine pruning. I decide to ignore – just for tonight – all „shoulds“ to reflect and be inspired for new paintings.

I am drinking my personal antidepressive remedy, Rosa Deum Vintage 2017, Cuvee Barrique – Gewürztraminer with Grüner Veltliner – Limited Edition of 840 bottles and extreme selection (always by hand by every Seymann wine) in the vineyard. I love this vintage with least alcohol – 12.5% – of all vintages up to now. A white wine with the „wow and body“ of a red.

A wine to nourish and inspire the soul – like a rose: Depth, complexity, elegance, beauty – and sexy in its edginess, uniqueness and unpredictability. That´s what we wanted to create in 2005 and to which we have since then been faithful.

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