Breaking through the Shell

Homecoming with new viewpoints in Karlsdorf

I have been back home now for a few days to reconnect with my family and the beauty of spring in my Pulkautal. My heart feels different, lighter, quicker … we are getting to know each other again. In addition many new challenges are emerging after my life-changing heart surgery. As a result, I often feel simply exhausted in this phase of healing.

Often I can´t figure these things out or don´t have the energy to deal with them. Here I remind myself, this is the time when real growth is happening. This means, especially, when no solution seems possible right now. Like an exhausted wet baby bird breaking through its protective shell to reach the light of the world.

Oh, the Places You´ll Go by Dr. Seuss. Memory of my childhood in San Diego.

You know what to do when you are going through hell? …. Keep going!!!

Winston Churchill

My heart is full of gratefulness – thank you to each and every one of you – dear family and friends, who support me on this road to new strength and health. For your cheerful words, helping hands and positive energy.

Luna, my heart on four legs. Life is better with a Jack Russell Terrier

End of this week I´ll be on my way to Bad Ischl in Salzkammergut for four weeks rehabilitation for my heart and soul. Ultreya … May the power be with us all. Have a wonderful and meaningful week!

Love & keep on grooving, Nancy

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