My heart journey

took a wild, unexpected turn as my surgery scheduled for 27.02 in Tirol Universitätskliniken Innsbruck was suddenly stopped just moments before starting. Breaking news: my main surgeon had to take over a critical emergency. I felt lucky to be healthy and grabbed the chance of enjoying a warm sunny day in this lovely city surrounded by lofty mountains (Galgenfrist!)

I am back, now recovering in a clinic near Innsbruck. The mitralvalve reconstruction, a complex 6 hour operation performed by a team of 4 of the best surgeons in the world on 01.03 was successful. I bow in gratitude and respect so deep, you cannot imagine.

Best crisis management and perfect communication. I was informed in every detail. Thank you Prof. Oa Dr. Ludwig Müller and team.

I had the gift of time, the most precious of all, and made my personal offerings at the Inn River. A little trip with the Bergbahn to Hungerburg above Innsbruck was pure pleasure. Moreover, I understood why I was perhaps drawn to go there. In her shiny, luminous magnificence, I saw Serles, the mountain known as the High Altar of Tyrolia. Rarely have I felt so connected as to this Great Mother, who rocked me in her lap and helped me to understand the challenges and realms waiting for me in the time between 01.-05. March.

That´s another story and we have all the time in the world (and beyond). Thank you for each and every good vibe, support, thought and prayer. I love you all!

Drawing by my oldest son #gunthergerger who held my hand while I was awakening …. My wrist tattoo (a personal love story) has a new blossom

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