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Light Your Fire 2020

Have I been dropped from the beak of some great bird travelling Between the Worlds to fall on the earth once more? Here I am in Konak, Izmir, almost 100 years after my grandfather Ali Riza Akinci made history here in 1921.

Do we have the courage now to live with our hearts wide open?

What is essential to me after the Journey to Myself in 2019 which broke me into pieces. In that dark tunnel of confusion and pain I met demons and healers, all bearing the seed of love, the source of everything and nothing.

Nine months of rehabilitation have strengthened my new heart and allowed me needed time to integrate the changes within me. Mindfulness is the focus of my ongoing healing process, for which I am deeply grateful.  I concentrate on the observation of my thoughts, bodily sensations and feelings – without judgement … oida … not so easy! My blood pressure and and pulse have stabilized as I find more inner peace through this daily practice. As well, I have also been able to reduce my beta-block medication.

From October until January I spent six weeks at the Aegean Sea in Turkey where I discover my fatherland – with which I was miraculously united in 2013.

Happy new life, every single day! We are all visitors here on this paradise planet earth. Wake up every day astonished and excited like a child.

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