Spring Awakening in the Blink of an Eye

Yesterday was the first day of spring and the 5th day of corona lockdown. The whole world seems to be holding its collective breath. Is this the shift we have all been waiting for? Will life ever be the same? Is our long, dark winter of ignorance over?

Last week I heard the ear-shattering wailing of desperation coming from deep down in the earth. It was terrifying, bewildering and liberating at the same time.

goodbye winter, photo (auch title image)

Like you, I am locked down here in Austria. Day 6. Stay home, stay healthy – that´s our directive. We can move more freely than most people, since we are winemakers and have the responsibility to take care of our 4 ha vineyards. Even though all presentation dates in the next month have been cancelled, we can reach our customers online and respond to their orders. Small is beautiful, now more than ever before.

It is time to redefine our concept of Wohlstand, affluence … what does this mean to you?

spring nawruz offerings for the devis in my garten photo

Grateful, so deeply grateful I am for all the love and abundance in my world. I cook everyday for my team, work in my garden and on my own mindfulness practice. We are gonna get through this together.

Take care of each other, be safe and healthy.

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