Let´s repair the future *

Do you also have the feeling that life will never be the same? Wow, how exciting is this? I am often accused of being too positive. But it is what it is … suffering happens when we hold on. What do plants and tree do in springtime?

One year ago I was in the intensive care unit struggling to breathe after major heart surgery. Shattered in my old self, I was given the chance to start anew, one breath at a time. This spring 2020 is an ecstatic experience for me. A crazy journey, even with the limitations of corona, I am so grateful for all the love I can give and receive.

*thank you Dr. Gabriele Reiterer for your article in Presse Spectrum am Samstag

Erdäpfelgnocci – potato gnocci in my crazy kitchen

Usually at this time of year, my son Laurin and I are on the road, covering thousands of kilometers by plane and car, to present our wines in trade fairs. All our spring dates are cancelled. Standstill. We have stopped running from A to B, in a lateral yang mode of „doing“, „performing“, „accumulating“ … forced out of our comfort zone, we are going deeper within …

How are you feeling about this? What is moving you now?

in our Schatzberg vineyard
in our courtyard

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