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Path of the Heart

Sunday. Winter. My Heroine´s Journey has taken a radical, unplanned path.

Beauty is not only harmony and light. It is what it is. Real life. Kismet.

More than ever before, my nomadic story brings me to a plot point requiring perhaps more courage than I ever had, more courage than I have in this moment. I feel like this frozen, stunned marigold.

This is my reality now. As some of you already know, I have been experiencing a serious health issue which needs my attention. Yesterday I travelled over 1,000 kilometers through snow-covered Austria to Innsbruck where I spoke to one of the worlds leading heart surgeons, Prof. Ludwig Müller. End of February he will reconstruct my double-prolapsed mitral valve (Mitralklappe). My heart feels broken now, I am short of breath – and I am incredibly lucky to know why. And even more blessed to have the best possible medical experts taking care of me, to live in Austria, where this is possible.  I am “on-my-knees grateful“ for this now.

So, I will be sharing this process with you and ask you to share back with me, too. Thank you for allowing me to focus on what is really essential. I cannot pretend to be otherwise.  

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