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Wholeness and separation

Waking up yesterday morning from a deep dream state: Feeling like I was coming back from faraway. Very ecstatic and happy, I ask myself, “Am I waking up from my heart surgery? Is it already over? Yes, I thought, it´s good, everything is good. I am reborn and my heart is fixed!“ All the heaviness I have been carrying was gone like a dark cloud passing. Disappointment, alas, I still have some challenges ahead before my operation 27 February.

Hotel Looshaus am Kreuzberg #favoriteplaces

I keep this treasure with me now, recalling joyful gratitude and lightness in my chest. What a present, what a source of strength! One more week before I make my way to Innsbruck.

This weekend is time for me devoted to a special nomadic journey from Weinviertel to the mountains, then further to gather elemental energy in Waldviertel.
A huge rock avalanche blocked the road here, forcing me to drive long, unknown, winding roads through mystical ancient places I saw for the first time – a mirror for my soul …

Snow, sunshine, warm water, solitude,

loving energy felt from family and friends,

the presence of the Great Mother remind me:

I was always whole from the beginning before the beginning.

Let it melt like winter, this illusion

of separation and brokenness.

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  • Lisa Schneider

    💞💗✨🍀💚Alles Liebe für Dich! ICH BIN bei Dir, und habe großen Respekt vor Dir, vom ersten Moment an, als ich Dich beim Heurigen in Perchtoldsdorf sah. Unser Freund Christoph Raimund hat damals sein 1. Baby vorgestellt.. sei umarmt!
    Lisa Rosa


    My dearest precious sister, you’ll see everything will be just fine. You are in good hands, with the latest medical technology. And we are all thinking of you and praying for you with all our love. Before you know what, you’ll be back again with us and with all your friends and family, healthy as a new born baby. We still have many good years ahead of us. See you soon in Kusadasi! A big hug! Ugur

  • Doris

    Liebe Nancy da ist man immer so beschäftig mit sich selbst und übersieht das Andere es noch viel härter trifft und diese damit unglaublich stark, positiv, optimistisch weiter blickend und trotz aller Wiedrigkeit für Andere immer noch ein Lächeln haben.
    Ich wünsche dir alles alles Liebe und sende dir viel Energie und wünsche dir das alles so über die Bühne deines Lebens geht das du dein gewinnendes stärkendes Lachen behältst.
    Für deine Familie alle Energie udn Stärke um das mit dir gut durchzustehen. Ich hoffe wir sehen uns dann zum Sommer hin.
    Danke für deine Stärke und wir denken an dich. Sean-Carlos, Michi u Doris

  • Dagmar

    Dearest Nancy, every day all my good wishes and thoughts are with you. I do wish you from the bottom of my heart a little sunray to put a smile on your face and a (may it even be only small) step towards recovery ….. Love, Dagmar

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