Farewell to Summer 2020

Time of ripening
hurry is useless
look at the sky
be far away from yourself

Alles reift, die Vögel fliegen, dein Atem gehört nicht mal dir.

Let go …

August is the fastest month

and races toward autumn in its thriftless, lavish manner. This year things were different. We had lots of unaccustomed rain in our Northland at the Austrian-Czechborder. I have nothing special to report.

Intoxicated by the sunrises and sunsets – often celebrated with agnihotra fire ritual – I spent the days of my summer here in the vineyards. The sky embraces me and I embrace the human condition, learning every day and developing some capacity to see what arises.

This summer I stumbled hard, more than once. Nothing passes us until it has taught us what we need to learn. This is humbling stuff for the ego, while the grapes in the vineyard are not at all impressed by my striving or not striving.

Roses are still blooming in our Wiege vineyard

I ask Nancy to make friends with myself and take time to be present with my Self again. In meditation, no lofty transcendence, but openhearted (like a rose), openminded awarness – well, sometimes I feel the lightness and I am at peace.

mindfulness #agnihotra #healingfire #vintage2020 is in the making

Portrait Nancy:

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