February – the Light Bringer

Winter is fighting to survive – the nights here in Northern Austria are unfriendly and freezing cold. But the sun is stronger, setting now around 5:00 pm already and the growing light cannot be held back. Birds are singing so loud and joyfully at sunset, while they were silent a few icy weeks ago. Life force is a miracle we can trust … and it gives me courage and strength for the challenges awaiting me. I am getting ready for my heart surgery February 27th (International Day of the Polar Bear, by the way?!?) in Innsbruck. Trying to calm my fears and turn them into curiosity about the unknown, the path ahead, the journey within. One of my exercises: do one thing every day that scares you #eleanorroosevelt

We are healing together now deeper than we see. Old wounds crack open to let light in the darkness.

Our little Buddha in the walnut tree, Wiege vineyard, Pernersdorf

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