September Ripeness

I am finally back home again after a heart healing journey which took me from Tulln to Innsbruck, Munich, Bad Ischl and finally to Klagenfurt at Wörthersee – a nine month process of birthing myself. In winter I left and returned in time to prepare for the upcoming grape harvest.

The time of ripening, hurry is useless, look at the sky and be far away from yourself. Arrive in your essence.

Nancy Akinci #nomadic_artistjourney

Sometimes bursting with new energy, sometimes extremely reclusive with a great need to reflect and settle in my new self, I am redefining my priorities for this precious, fleeting life. The last week was spent between vineyards and kitchen. Furthermore and most importantly, restorative summer moments in Mother Nature´s generous lap. There is so much fermenting inside my heart and soul trying to find new forms of expression. I wake up every day excited and grateful for the new chance I have been given. September, let´s get the party started!

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