Longing no more – the time is now

Trust it and take the first step into a springtime we have all been waiting for. We have grown in our resilience, we are bursting out of the shell after the last six weeks. An unprecedented time, in which the whole world has been at home. Now the month of May is just around the corner with its ecstatic abundance and celebration of life force full of blossoms and perfume.

apple blossoms tell us we are at spring´s peak

The garden calls me to take off my shoes, walk on the earth and remember why I am here. The apple blossom petals are already falling from the trees, floating around me like manifold blessings. Do not be sad, they say, but surrounded by so much beauty and love, still a deep sense of mourning fills me every morning. The world I knew up to now has dissolved. I do not trust the confusing news bombarding me. I only trust my heart.

Keeping things under control: Seen in Karlsdorf last week, a woman with her rollator spraying Roundup glyphosate (Photo Harald Seymann)

Die Gedankenfreiheit haben wir. Jetzt brauchen nur noch die Gedanken

Karl Kraus

How long will we still have freedom of speech in our modern world? We let ourselves be deceived by illusions. What is true and real in this changing world? What are we longing for now? You want an answer?

no shut-down in our vineyards – spring is taking place in full swing

There are no answers and it is alright to not have any answers. It seems to me that the time of rushing from A to B (achieving, gaining, earning) has come to an end. Now we are going deeper, going within. Wherever you stand, be still for a moment and listen to what the earth is singing.

moon and Venus over our winery in Karlsdorf last week (Photo Harald Seymann)

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