My crazy kitchen

Light your fire

January here in Pulkau Valley calls for fire and the elemental comfort of home cooking. My simple, no frills kitchen is a true place of solace now. I adore spontaneous food creation with a just few things, whatever I find in the garden, pantry and fridge. Sometimes I have a particular wine, or wines, in mind – like yesterday – to which the food flavors bring depth, contrast and harmony.

Last night it was Mother Earth pure: a soothing meal of „Quetscherdäpfel„, smashed potatoes, Schwarzwurzel (Scorzonera hispanica) and wild salmon caviar (a touch of zingy umami).

Scorzonera is not as difficult to prepare as its reputation! If you get into its innate dirtiness – yes, it´s black and full of earth – it is even fun to wash, peel and cut it.

To make Quetscherdäpfel, take left-over cooked potatoes, cut them in half and crush them flat on baking paper with a heavy mug. Season with olive oil with garlic and your favorite spices. Bake until browned and smunchy.

Feel the love in your tummy already? 

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